Thursday, 10 November 2016

The eradication of 500/1000 notes!!!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called an emergency address speech, where he revealed to the country that 500 and 1000 rupee notes are to be discontinued from midnight of 8th November. I know how defective decision it is but it is true and will be staunch decision of striking off usage of 1000 and 500 Rupee notes currency in India. This decision has been made by the present government under the PM who says, IMF and World Bank states India is an economic star now.
So. What's you views on Govt's move on banning 500 and 1000 notes.
Personally, I believe it is great step even though there will be some inconveniences. Govt should do something about people in rural areas and those without bank accounts. Those will be badly affected. Hope that is taken care of.
Also feeling happy to know that money hoarders will have no choice but to burn or giveaway their illegitimate money.
What do you guys think? I can write off my personal views…
Decision was not sudden… It merely started with bank account for all. Then linked bank accounts with aadhar… Then brought disclosure of bank account passport and aadhar no. in income tax return… Add to it the various data mining and collection tools in the hands of the income tax department… Then the income disclosure scheme… And this masterstroke… Truly a systematic change in the last 2 years!!!
Timing is also key – 8 pm announcement means no possibility to make last moment transaction at jewelry shop or any impact on share market.
Guys, just look at the timing! He’s totally screwed the satta bazaar who are betting thousands of crores on the US elections results that day. The results will be out by 1 am, whereas the currency notes will be worthless from 12 am that night…: That’s okay, In starting few days be at home. Don’t worry, Eat what u have, Travel as u can, Ask for lift if u don’t have change.
Don’t worry… A brilliant move by Modi to curb Black Money which I whole heartedly support. A master stroke by Mr. Modi to push behind Fake Encounter in Bhopal (though they were criminals). Now, for few days cancellation of currency notes will be the chief subject for discussion. In fact he promised to bring Black Money from outside of India. He never ever said a single word about unearthing it from within. Really a master stroke.
Those who have lot of black money and are fearing major penalties/punishments, please go and pay hospital bills for the poor sick people and give karma a chance to make it white....... just kidding, coz no anything can help you to that drastic change!
Do you recall one of his move opening bank accounts for rural and people below poverty line at zero balance. He was criticised by people for millions of empty bank accounts. Can you recall why he did, so that poor people who has few notes of 500-1000 like sabzi vendors and mazdoors, they won't suffer now if they have accounts even without the balance. We have 50 days time to change the old notes, even if u have any.

This is a drastic change,  It’s for good ..We can support this.
Don’t complain or frustrate …it’s our chance to raise India back to what it was… Sone ki chidiya.
It’s our chance to support Our leader.
Indeed why only army has to support the fight.
Let’s all come together and fight back Let us do for us and our coming generations, Let’s do for our country. Drastic change does not come slowly.. it hits like a hammer and breaks all that is.

What do u think, politicians and ‘Babus’ will leave away their hoard of black money so easily? I think they will find out new way to convert it to white. How can you ignore our commission system? Corruption will not go until we cleanse the system from root.
Let’s support our pm.