Friday, 18 May 2018

Action needs Priority..

Action! What have you done today that is an action step toward your goal, objective or vision? How much time did you spend on it? We must examine ourselves daily to make sure we are stepping toward our vision and not away from it. Avoid saying “I/You don’t have time”. This is an excuse that is used to avoid the actual problem. It is not time that you don’t have but a lack of #Priority. Being busy does not mean you are productive . It just means you are busy. Isn't it..

-Josh AKA Ushas Chattopadhyay ~

#Integrity #Productivity #Priority #Motivation

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Responsibility of anything...

#Responsibility. A word that we should embrace when it comes to succeeding at anything.  Eleanor Roosevelt said that we must do the thing that we think we cannot do. Maya Angelou said, "Nothing works unless you do". Howard Thurman said that we must learn to accept our facts. There is a reoccurring theme going on here. Responsibility. We are responsible for our lives what we dream. Even in a recent seminar in HARVARD University, the youngest entrepreneur Mark Zuckerbarg said that, ideas don't really come up fully formed, they only become clear when we work on them, you just have to get started.

We are responsible for the present and the future. Notice I did not say the past. The past is no longer your responsibility. It’s done. So leave it! Everyday is the day to show your loyalty to your present and personal commitments. This is called responsibility. Success in one’s life is based upon a responsibility, a loyalty to yourself and to your vision. If you are not responsible towards your vision daily, then it will not  trust you to see it fully in the future. We must qualify through daily acts of responsibility. Don't upset me. I still Believe the Champion In You. You've GREATNESS within, cheers!!!

-Josh AKA Ushas Chattopadhyay ~