Monday, 8 January 2018


We lose to ourselves when we try to stay in the “game” of winning the approval, affection and appreciation of others. The rules will never work in your favor if you persist on playing on the wrong side. As soon as you do something for that person(s), there will be something else. The score will never be even. As Hellen Keller would say “what’s worse? Being blind or having eyes and not seeing”. Do not overlook your value because you are blind to your own facts. Be serious to put values at your back. Be real worth at what you do. Are you good enough? If they can’t see that now, they will not see it later. Stay focused & serious on your mission of who you are, why you are here and where the hell you are trying to go. Excuse that language but it’s the truth!
There are 2 choices to reflect upon;
1. Being busy making a living or,
2. Being productive in creating your Life (whatsoever you are doing). You have winning to do. Don't disheartened the persons, who are on your side believing you can win over the odds. I Believe the Champion in You. You've GREATNESS within, cheers!!!
-Josh aka Ushas Chattopadhyay ~

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Flow of Habits...

Habits can alter one’s life. It did for me when I decided to change what was not working. It did not happen overnight, just as one’s life can’t entirely change overnight. But if you are willing to take full responsibility of your decisions and change your decision making process, your life will take a different direction.

It is the direction that life will flow that will change the course of one’s living. If you do not adhere to this important factor, the habits going unnoticed or uncontrolled will run riot and pull you in all directions. This causes unlimited stress, exhaustion and a feeling of unworthiness. Take inventory of habits that you want to change. Write them down and start working this week on one of them. Remember that life doesn’t change overnight. It changes by decisions over time. You can win with your life! I Believe the Champion in You.
-Josh aka Ushas Chattopadhyay ~