Saturday, 30 July 2016

What Abesh has left for us?

The salary which I get or got till date, is kept to my wife & before marriage used to give to parent. Whenever needed, I used to ask from them, in general that amount would not cross the margin of Rs. 300/- max. I remember, at the time of purchasing of my new Mobile phone, I needed around Rs. 4000/- which was quite a big amount in our middle class family. The First thing that I noticed was my father’s eyebrow raise, & with that the question, ‘for what?’ I‘ve the sweetest mom ever in the world, she was nothing but elder sis to me, so for me, any demand to be fulfilled, need to go to mom, we call ‘Maa’. But anything related to money, mullah, cash matter we had to go to the den of lion, to Dad (I share a sibling that’s why it coming as We instead of I). So the main point here is, that fear of your Parent or in my case dad. The Questions to be very much precise! In the coming November, I’ll complete 32, & I had started earning from such an early age, 17 or 18 through my tuitions fees. Sometimes we could feel like, my money, I can have my wish to spend at anything I want, but after everything, even until now, we are really avoiding situations to face the Questions of my parents. That is teachings from my guardians.
In the recent past I’ve read the news of a seventeen year old boy from Kolkata, named Abesh. Abesh Dasgupta. The death he has got is tragic, no doubt of that, but the cause? I’ve a question here. In his age unlike any normal child he will laugh, study, will be cracking his voice for his favourite team or game, secret admiration will cherish for a classmate, that’s obvious, but as the news goes deeper, I get real confuse. In his age, what I used to do? In education I was a mediocre coz outside book’s knowledge, I had to do a hell lot of things, such as cricket, football, drawing, debates, Band music, and above all, had a particular dream, that, someday, I would be This’. At this age forget about whole night drinking in a party, we hardly could be getting out from our house, due to fear of parent. Any mishaps if getting caught then, for me the famous one liner was, get out of the house’ or beatings from parent. That doesn’t mean that I was a good boy type or every friends of mine used to follow their parent as words by words. In that case I remember one incident, due to school’s unwanted holiday, me & my friend Biske, has come out of our very houses, & in lieu of going school, we bunked it & instead we had gone to movie. In the course of many events, I had broken my specs. To manage that in my home, I got caught in the near future in my house. Such a bad experience it was, as it was strictly prohibited by ours guardians to not to talk that boy, how we managed to talk, that itself is a story. I remember my father and I had managed to a running course in our house, that, anything could be happening by that time, if I get caught. I used to get angry, sometimes. In my newly grown moustache was there, I was a dominant cricket all-rounder, a lot of smiling pretty faced girl of this & that neighborhoods, didn’t I have the respect?

Now I can understand, what was the need of that hour, against the wishes of anyone not be confined to any boundaries, but the practice of stopping to give a learning is a basic duty of the parents. I have a child, and for him I want to keep the same legacy, whatsoever. At least Abesh’s news, has come such a way, that we ought to do the stopping for my child. How important is the basic rules & regulation, is shown by that petty death news. A few questions I had to ask in that case; like, where from the money came from? From his parent, quite obvious, then how is that money being spent? Has anyone tried to ask these, probably no. Coz then it can be clearer that, where from the boy learned drinking! I’m not opposed of drinking, but everything should be fine when we know its limit. I’ve met persons, who can drink gallons and still they are in conscious. And some are those, whose legs started tottering, once they’ve heard the sound of uncapping the bottle. Abesh’s death can be accident or murder which ever it is, but none can deny the effect of, consumption of alcohol. His own parent has been caused the death for their child. Now he is being given a tag Hero, & that's again a question to be criticised. His family is seeking justice & interventions of the CM,of the state. But at what price, the boy has gone! So the point is, basic discipline, which was very important to maintain. Now the children are not afraid of the elders. The situation is changed. After Abesh, the guardians need to think that, do I know my child, fully? what's going on in my child’s mind, I know everything, right? It is unfortunate that we are tend to forget that, without the rules and regulations, childhood is imperfect, can’t be complete. So can I pass on the legacy to my next generation? Big question it is…