Saturday, 16 July 2016

This is my story...


He was living a simple life
Like he doesn't even care
He was already happy with it
But nobody was really there

Each day has passed
And nothing has changed
He was so tired of it
It has always been the same
He just wanted to be happy
And now he already knew
This things would never happen
If he really never wanted to
Suddenly and she came
The one he can call forever
But it's not that easy
For them to be together
He already knew it from the start
That it was a very painful fact
She was already taken
And the one he could never have
The pain inside of him
Hurt badly deep inside
There is nothing he could do
On what fate said "This is true"
He never wanted to leave
He never wanted to be alone
He just wanted somebody
He can call "my own"
In everything he say and do
His love could see no wrong
He did it all because of love
And not because he set among
He doesn't have a reason
To be angry with God
He only wanted to be with her
Even if it takes his life
He know the things that must be done
And the least that he could do
Was to give his best shot
Before everything was gone
They are happy with each other
Like there was nothing wrong
But they didn't even notice
It wasn't really there at all
For the time has come
And reality was near
Dreaming a fantasy
That could never be real
He doesn't even know
How to end things up
He never wanted it through
He never wanted to stop
He has to take his punishment
For loving her that is not meant
Even though the risk is great
There is no single chance for regret
This is how my story will end
As he gave a promise
On that day September 6
When the acquaintance was held
The last pages of the book
Was torn apart and missing
And no one really knows
What really happened
The only thing that is left
Is that promise that he said
That is so pure and true
He's going to wait for her
Till time is through...
********    By.Ushas Chattopadhyay