Sunday, 17 July 2016

General Interview Questions..

One day one of my brother asked me to give certain interview questions, so for my this blog all credit goes to him, Will be benefited as well those who are seeking job opportunity in an interview. Am not doing any more are few questions..

 Tell me about you..

First of all, I would like to thanks to you for giving an opportunity to introduce myself! I am ____ 22 years old. I am from____. I completed my graduation in bachelor of ____ from _____University.(if at all u r studying further) And now I am pursuing Master ___from _____College.

About my family, there are five members in my family. My father is a retired private / govt. employee and my mother is a housewife. I have a siblings.

My hobbies are making new good friends, listening song, watching movies.

My strengths are loyal and self-motivated. I am diligent and confident. I am the team player and give teamwork more important than the individual. I like to learn and try new things so I can say I easily get motivated. My weakness is easily trusting anyone.

Why should you be Hired..

Sir. Being me a fresher I am working harder especially under stress and in a multi-cultural environment. Your company has a good platform for me. I found that my skills are matching with your requirements where I can improve my skills and my knowledge. And trust me if you hire me, I will give fully of my effort to the development of your company. And I will promise you that you will never regret your decision to appoint me in your company.


Sir, I will not say that I have all the skills which are required by any company but I believe I have at least that much skills and knowledge which is necessary for doing any work. I assure you that if I will select I will do my work with full sincerity.

What are your Strength & Weakness..


1. Eager to learn new things.
2. Quick Learner.
3. Flexible to changes.
4, Be Calm, Composed,Patient during difficult situations.
5. Helpful Attitude.
6. Hard Working, Honest, and Dedicated.
7. Positive Attitude.


1. I am very emotional.
2. Easily believe others.



Hard worker.
Eager to learn anything.
Helping nature.
Handle problems easily.


Believing everyone easily.

Why do you wanna work with us..


Your company is a reputed company. I am fresher. It is a privilege for me to work with your company. I need a platform to start my career enhance my knowledge and skill.


I'm a fresher.

I don't have any experience till now.

I heard & read about your company profile is good.

That’s my profile is suited well to your company.

I am willing to work with your company.

What’s the difference between confidence & over confidence..

Confidence is based on Facts and Figures but overconfidence is based on speculation. Suppose I wrote exam very well. If someone asks me how the exam was then if I say I will get 90% for sure. It's confidence because you know how you wrote.

But if I say I get top in the class or college. Then it's over confidence because I don't know how the rest of the college wrote the exam. Maybe someone in the class is the better student than me.


Confidence: I can do the work in case knowing whether it is unknown.

Overconfidence: I can only do the work.

What is the difference between hard work and smart work..
Smart work is like a LIFT.

Hard work is like a STEP.


If you do hard work you get experience and from that experience, you can do work smart.


Hard work: Work done with pressure.

Smart work: Work done with pleasure.

How do you feel about working nights and weekends..

Truly speaking no anybody wants to do work nights and weekends. But whenever it's necessary for the company I will do because it is the responsibility of the employee.


I think taking sleep at night and doing fun on weekends is necessary because it makes you feel fresh, energetic and innovative. So I don't feel good about working nights and weekends permanently but I feel good about doing it occasionally for a change.

Can you work under pressure..

As per vision of yours, Challenges are never pressure for me. I always work on challenges but never work under pressure.


Yes, it's my pleasure to work under pressure because when anyone works in pressure they learn new things and will get the ability to face more challenges in future.

Are you willing to relocate or travel..

I'm perfectly fine with relocation. It will provide me an opportunity to meet new kind of people and learn about new culture.


Yes, there is no problem, rather I would like to explore new places, culture, and society. It'll become a very good experience for me and my career.

What are your goals..

My short term goal is to get a good job in reputed company.

My long term goal is to be in the respectable position in that organisation and make my parents happy.


Looking forward to an opportunity for working in a dynamic, challenging environment where I can utilize my skills for developing my career and for the growth of the organization.

What makes you angry..

I won't get angry often. Even if I get angry, I won't expose it to others.


I won't get angry but many things make me sad. Like when nobody listens to me and blaming me without any reason. Other reason is like when someone does misbehave with their senior's and junior's, tease anyone, at that situation, I can't stop myself and stand just front of them for justice.

How long would you expect to work for us if hired..

Until the company provides better career growth, job satisfaction and also the company needs my services.

How much salary do you expect..

I am a fresher, salary is not a priority for me. This is a big platform to start my career and I also want to improve my knowledge and skills. So I expect a considerable of salary according to my ability and your company norms which fulfill my economic needs.

Where do you see yourself five years from now..

I want to be part of well established and esteemed organization like one of these, As a fresher, I want to see myself as well trained and successful team player or administrator which I want to contribute my skills and abilities to a growth of the company.

Also, I would like to become excellent leader in the company.

On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

First of all thank you, sir/mam, for giving me this opportunity. I think I am not the right person to rate you but still it's an interviews question. So I will 9/10 because nobody is perfect in the world everybody needs improvement. Thank you.
Do you have any questions for me..

Thank you, sir, for giving me this opportunity. I have two question first one is how was your first experience in placement interview as a candidate and the second one is give me feedback so I try to overcome on my mistake, (with a smile)


Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity, sir/madam. I have one simple Question. What is your name? Am asking this question because as a fresher I need to know the name of the person who interviewed me first.

 These are the questions with the best Answers which I feel, there may be some other questions but if you become ready n steady enough you can crack the Deal!!! (Provided that you are asked in a face to face, Cheers!)  

 Happy Job Hunting!!!