About Me

Ushas is an ESL teacher, trainer, and content developer. He provides consulting services for English language learning projects. You can follow Him on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or on Facebook to stay up to date on his latest English learning materials. He is a Social eye to the society...

English is the common tongue of our global village. Whether you live and work in an English speaking country, or need English for travel and fun, English is the passport to success and a deeper understanding of our quickly changing world.
Ushas has taught general English and English for Specific Purposes in various parts of Country. He has developed numerous multi-media ESL courses for clients. Having lived in India and fluent in Hindi and Bengali, he also knows what it means to learn a new language in order to adjust to a different culture.

I have designed and conducted workshops on behavioral, communication and functional/Soft skills; and am open to opportunities in delivering sessions in these areas. 

~Behavioral Skill Modules
• Building Better Teams 
• Emotional Intelligence 
• Interpersonal Skills 
• Motivating your Workforce 
• Time Management 
• Interactive styles
• Maximize your potential
• Leadership essentials

~Communication Skill modules
• Assertive Communication 
• Body Language 
• Business Communication 
• Business Writing that works 
• Communication Strategies 
• Accent Neutralization
• Cultural sensitization

~Functional/Soft Skill modules
• Business Etiquette 
• Change Management 
• Conflict Resolution 
• Customer Excellence 
• Managing performance 
• Facilitation Skills 
• Telephone Etiquette 
• Campus to corporate & on.

Ushas in a blink:-
another human being not Being Human, trying to make a difference in this lifetime by juggling between my passion and Social responsibilities, which is quite visible or not by our normal eyes.