Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Unmeant To Any Incident


Once upon a time, there used to be a jungle where king Lion, and all the other animals were live happily. Few many years, the food system that jungle follow, has been corrupted due to unknown reason.  One fine evening the king announced that he and every one in his kingdom should be vegetarian from next morning, that’s not it, who-so-ever found anything with non-veg, would be punished. Everybody got stunned with the announcement, the king were given mixed response from the inhabitant of the jungle. What’s now?
The fox became very much angry, as she was not the one who can feel just with the vegetables. She has acquired and collected all the possible flesh, and meat for past few months, but what could be done? She even can’t protest directly, nor can she say that her meal is felt incomplete without meat! So she made up something brilliant, she kept on saying that what will the vegetarians eat, can you not understand that? If all animals can now-onwards be vegetarians, where from the innocent vegetarians will survive? They‘ll face some real difficulties to find food for them…Has anyone not feel the pain that my fellow vegetarians will go through? Saying that the fox started sobbing like anything.
Seeing such soft hearted fox, who can question for them, all the deer, rabbits, buffaloes are strangely overwhelmed! They started to think where few months back she was, how come she dropped on earth suddenly…
Whatever, the entire fox community has now all geared up to protest against the tyrannical king, who should have taken under consideration their leader’s, the soft hearted fox, demand! They will see the end to such autocratic decision, as they will be there in jungle to protect the vegetarians like deer, rabbit, etc.
Now the entire Jungle are waiting to see what should be happening or the simple word who the heck wins…

N.B:- Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental or unmeant.