Saturday, 15 October 2016

Secularism WTF in it!!!

What you see may shock you. And it better do. This is the plight of a few Hindu families who live in a town in India. This has been happening for years, only facing media silence and “secular” ignorance. Before Puja, I came to know from some source, that Bengal police should be alert, coz what could happen (Khagragarh Incident) last year now may turn this year. So this year’s some un-necessary hazardous checking(which was to please or report the seniors as proof) in running auto, where I was also checked was there. Who knew something like this was waiting for us.
Latest effect of communal violence in Hazinagar area of North 24Paragans District, West Bengal where houses have been burnt, cash and valuables looted and resident of the house and place have been kicked and punched brutally. The God saved their lives miraculously otherwise miscreants have beaten them to death.

It is not a matter of religion or religious community but it is infact a matter of proper investigation that why such incidence is recurrent and rampant in this area. There are people who are demotivating simple people to indulge in violence and give it a colour of communal riot.
The videos and images you are going to see below are from Hazinagar area, which is in the heart of Kolkata.
It’s was there Muharram rally passing by a Hindu colony …

Sudden few chap from Muslim community started breaking a Mata Rani temple in the way …. From there the almost destroyed all temples. Store and houses in the way…its happening in West Bengal North 24 parganas Hazinagar and Naihati area.” “Local MLA of TMC party yesterday addressed the Hindu area by saying, “I have won the election by minority votes not your vote … So you just die or run from here”. Although I could not verify this by myself, it’s learnt that the area’s MLA was none other than Mamata Banerjee’s closest aid Mukul Roy’s son, Subhrangshu Roy!
Forget the politicians then, I asked them if the local police at least was helping them. To this question too, their answer was filled with pain, anger, and sadness. They said the police had aligned with the local Muslim goons as per the instructions of the MLA and were now helping the Muslims achieves their agenda instead of helping the ones who were affected. What is happening here is pathetic. But some argue that the Hindus of Bengal have brought this upon themselves by voting in Mamata Banerjee. May be this is true, may be this is not, but at the end of the day, we sincerely urge Mamata Banerjee to take some action, if not to punish the culprits, at least to protect the victims.

It is also impertinent to mention that each time when there is an action against Pakis.... by Indian Government or a winning cricket match over Pakistan, such incidence is bound to emerge.
It is my suggestion and earnest request to authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly so that miscreants are booked behind bar and general public gets solace.