Monday, 26 September 2016

A promise to be kept!


I was returning from work, driving. Quite late actually it is, as I’m a manager in contact center. In the watch it’s about to be 11:46 PM, means few more minutes, and a new day as usual. I was driving & in my car a soft music was playing on, & was stopped due to the signal, it was red for the time. In a second, I noticed a hoarding in the road side, in which was written, “victory of good over evil in few days, its coming.” The poster was about our famous festival ‘Durgotsav’. Quite good, the poster was. Suddenly my eyes got stuck up to the beneath of the hoarding! A few young kids were sleeping, or were trying to sleep in the bright DAYLIGHT like ambience, with just a ripped Package, which is made by jute. Beside them bundle of ‘Kash phool’,  in English which is ‘Kans grass’ or ‘Catkins’. It’s their nowadays a biggest weapon to survive on the streets, or the effort to their well-being for coming few days. In the mean time, my signal accessed me, so I drove off the car but my mind’s thinking of that particular snap of that under-privileged family’s children. Frankly speaking, looking at them, I reached to my childhood days, where no any tensions were there. I belong from a village, over there it used to appear in month of September, October, & we all used to pluck it in bundles and were decorating our house, puja pandals, etc.


 It reminded me of those days, where my dad used to work hard for us, & he used to try to make us happy with whatever he got, he could arrange for us,  but the time we used to spend together was a real family time. We may come from a middle-class family, but my parents made sure we get everything, to make me happy enough, even though they are not. But, the children of the footpath, their situation a bit different from me, over here they all, need to find a piece of bread for tomorrow again, for them & if possible for any other of the family member. And in this certain process, they are found selling these ‘kash phool’ into various points, such as, traffic signals, train stations, or near any junctions of road where bigger crowds can be attempted.   We, the so called smart people, are ready to walk to the memory lane by buying such stuffs. If we be happy to some extent, we buy or we’re even eager to bit or simply drive away, those li’l brats if they come to us that way of nagging. A few are possibly going in wrong turns, I mean, in a tempted way; the city is going to spoil them. Few deaths would be there, which news we can’t be reading in newspaper, Anyways night just started, I’m back my home thinking all this nitty-gritty & I can’t just erase off the pictures, which I just experienced. 


Post this incident, I swore to myself that come what may, I will never let my kids imbibe this kind of culture in their life and we have to teach the kids to help in small chores right from the beginning. With him only, I’ll find at least one child of those, & gift some clothes, sweets, and if possible, if he/she into study will be purchasing entire year’s book for that kid, so that my child can have this lesson to share with the bigger family. This much for sure, I’m going to do, in this puja itself, where ‘good over evil’ is making its true sense.  I still can’t find happiness as a promise to be kept.  That’s because happiness lies with people who are content in life, & looking at this view, I’m not…