Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The endless path of destruction, Syria

Ali’s gone, Omran’s brother, in the age of 10. Rather he named him in the list of child affected due to the recent turmoil. It can be taking, 19 -20 hours to read & study the fights and by that, the affected children due to that war. World, it has multiple interest, but instead of their interest, no one could stop the fate which Aylan kurd has got nor the oblation of Ali. There is no end to the civil war in Syria.
Who could have thought that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's oppose has come to that far, they couldn’t even think of such. The situation was inspired by Arab Spring Assad’s dictatorship, in other words, his tyrant, to protest against these they didn’t think of the consequences. Shia minority (Alawites) Bashar government, nepotism involved in the protest against the mainly Sunni populations.
Then Shia-Sunni divide historians did not take long to start bleeding. And it has created a huge background of conflict. Both sides of the division of powers Iran and Saudi Arabia in West Asia. Shia or Sunni, any one of the group's ability to compete in the possession of Syria, the expansion of the power flow between the two forces is important. As a result, the anti-Assad forces, to support the Sunni group led by Saudi Arabia, the Arab League took turns, going without delay Iran as well.

The situation in America could not remain silent as well. With Syria, the US 'anti-Assad forces way toward the normal US support. But the situation changed radically anti-Assad Syrian war stage appeared overwhelmed by the Islamic State (IS). Assad is not to just move from but Syria, Iraq, and Iran across the empire to build a strong Islamic sermons bound Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came with dreams. Syria and large part of Iraq since 2014 middle, the dream is to be made successful. Syria's civil war, as well as domestic issues is not confined only to West Asia. America at the time of the anti-Assad is to take the fight against terror & against ISIS. On one hand, the anti-Assad forces neutral support (money and weapons provided). On the other hand, the fight against the coalition of IS, Iraq to protect the quake? When this two-pronged problem in America, then Vladimir Putin appeared on the stage. Iran and Assad, as well as strong NATO-foot soil muscle power to Russia's Putin does not want to leave. After Afghanistan, which is again a Muslim country, to protect the government, the Russian army arrived.
In the fight versatile Levant (Syria and Iraq), the storm continued uninterrupted blood. Although there are differences between the various agencies, the death toll has exceeded four million. Nearly 76 million homeless. Left the country 48 million citizens. Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey refugees beyond the impact of Europe's last gasp. Branches has spread from Asia to Western Europe. Paris, Brussels, Munich wherever, to form an attack or spread the fear of attack for ISIS is like doddle. East Asia is already fearsome. This is a huge global impact of the problem has not been seen much before.

Endless political source, doesn’t come closer to meet any solution for the Syrian people. America, France, Britain and several countries, constant attacks on ISIS is a regular thing. Russia launched a similar attack. But their aim is ISIS as well as the anti-Assad forces. As a result, the historical city of Aleppo ruins today. The captive inside a pile of hundreds & thousands of children and their families, as Omran, Ali, Aylan etc. Almost four times the hospitals or treatment organisation has been on the attack. Health workers and doctors were about 700 total who has died. Black smoke from burning tires to avoid air raid being made. This is the only game in shape of disguise for the children. A few days back, Iran has opened its airfield for use of Russia. It was less than common time, anti- Assad like Aleppo, but the US-backed regions can be reached by the Russian Bomber. As a result, the future is pitch dark. Vienna’s unjust slogans and United Nations interests are being digested. Many international organizations, even the League of Nations, the answer does not match the grief of thousands of human rights organizations. Incessant bombing from the sky, Kurdish brave fight, & the renewed, regained morale of the Iraqi troops cornered the ISIS. But bombs just do not kill terrorist! This is huge, "Who is responsible for collateral damage. The answer not found….