Saturday, 23 July 2016

Other Aylans...

everybody knows Aylan. He shoves his face in the sand of dead Syrian child. West Asian solo ads to the refugees in Western European countries, took refuge a million or more. Aylan has saved thousands.
The second child is French. Stationary sheet covered the body of the doll next to his partner, but he did not like Aylan but equitable social media has raised many questions.

There are very few like the ill-fated third child. The child did not have a name. What is the name? The poor thing never saw the light of the world on any given day. Where he spent seven months in the womb and there it is finished. Loving parents came from jihadist kicked crop germinated.
A handful of media by writing a few days. Facebook tries to inform journalists about some of the crazy people. Ritual action is completing a handful of people in tears.
Lakshmipuja during last year's event. Bangladesh Feni district.

---- Terrorist attacks on Hindu , pregnancy abortion ---

Feni Sadar zila of the terrorist attacks on minorities. A woman not only injured but also had to abort of a dead baby along with 20 others were injured. Panchagachiya Union on Wednesday night in Mathiyara attack occurred in the neighborhood.
In the meantime, minorities vandalized and looted shops and houses.
According to police and the affected families, Tuesday,  Mathiyara Fishermen during laksmipuja a few fireworks had been taken place and that incident boiling mad Iqbal Cadres’ Group  and were taken aback about men and women were given slangs and cusswords by the ruling party. The local minority leaders apologized.
Wednesday night at 8 pm at the village Mathiyara sahabuddin’s boy Iqbal led 7-8 young the Jawaharlal Das of Fishermen neighborhood was attacked.
After a while the Samrat and Iqbal led 20-25 entering the neighborhood of fishermen armed youths vandalized and looted. The attackers stores disabled of Swapan Das widespread looting and vandalism on jute-precious valuables were taken.
In fact, the attackers beat up people and mass looting of minority neighborhood. To protect injured Rabindra Das, from the hand of goons, his wife, who was seven months pregnant, Tulsi Rani Das (18) comes ahead, then the terrorists continued to torture her. Tulsi started bleeding at the scene, coz they had kicked that lady even and gives birth to a dead baby Thursday dawn.
The attackers, severly wounded Alorani Das (8), Jawaharlal Das (45), Sobharani Das (45), Bikash (4), Sukhdeb Das (1), Parimal Das (60) were injured. Almost half of unsafe houses Feni river and took refuge in a small boat to leave.
District superintendent of police Rezaul Haque, deputy general secretary of the Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council Sukhdeb Tapan Nath, president of the District Council of worship Rajiv Dutta, Liton Saha, Ganesh Bhowmik visited the ground.
Jawaharlal Das about that matter filed a case accusing the incident, in the Feni Police Station.
Thursday morning, Tulsi rani Das was admitted to Feni Sadar Hospital in critical condition. The body of the dead infant was handed over to his family after post-mortem.
C. Jaahan Feni Sadar Hospital doctors in charge said, the more bleeding housewife Tulsi is still in danger.
Taju member of the local union member to accept the truth of the incident, said he too trivial an event of such a ‘small incident’ rift disappointment.

When can we see such is stopped? may be soon in the end..